This OR That Questions

This or That Questions game is one of the amazing interactive game where participants choose any one that they prefer. This OR That game is likely similar to would you rather questions game. In this game, Participants must choose one word that he/she prefers which should be answered in words. Here are some interesting This or That Questions.

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This or That Questions

This or That Questions

This or That Questions

This or That Questions Game

❤ Whatsapp or Facebook?
❤ Cricket or tennis?
❤ Bike or car?
❤ Morning or evening?
❤ Coffee or tea?
❤ Computer or laptop?
❤ Cool or hot?
❤ Love marriage or arranged marriage?

❤ Google or yahoo?
❤ Swimming or cycling?
❤ Ice cream or fruit juices?
❤ Summer or winter?
❤ Pop music or melody music?
❤ Lion or tiger?
❤ Android or IOS?
❤ Fat or thin?
❤ Hamburger or hotdog?
❤ Salt or pepper?
❤ Singing or dancing?
❤ Windows or Linux?
❤ Horror or action?
❤ Sister or brother?
❤ Family or Friends?
❤ Black or white skin?
❤ Tom or Jerry?
❤ Tall or short?
❤ Fruits or vegetables?
❤ Pasta or Rice
❤ Mango or apple?
❤ Superman or spiderman?
❤ Cake or cupcake?
❤ Google Chrome or firefox browser?
❤ Gold or Dimond?
❤ Football or basketball?
❤ Fan or AC?
❤ Hot coffee or cold coffee?
❤ Mom or dad?
❤ Spicy or mild?
❤ Black or red?
❤ Hero or villain?
❤ Siri or Google Assistant?
❤ Van or sedan?
❤ Steak or Chicken?
❤ Curly hair or Straighten hair?
❤ Beef or Pork?
❤ Car or truck?
❤ Coke or red bull?
❤ Forest or beach?
❤ Apples or Bananas?
❤ Doritos or Cheetos?

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