I need your help! But don’t worry, I’m not going to ask for money. You can wipe away those sweat beads because I’m not going to be asking for cash. Of course, I’m not going to put up a fight if you insist of tipping me. Still, I don’t expect you to pay for the content here.

Like I said, this website is my personal homage to the amazing movie “Me and You and Everyone We Know”. For a variety of reasons, this movie truly resonated with me on a deeply personal and intimate level. It’s as if somebody was telling me the story of all the strategies that I’ve been through when it comes to my interpersonal relationships. It’s as if I was hearing somebody relate a deep—and sometimes unexamined—truths that I’ve experienced in my life.

In such frank and hard to deny terms, to say that I’ve reach some sort of moment of clarity with this movie would be quite an understatement indeed. But that said, I need your help.


This website is not just a collection of all my essays, as well as, ruminations and analysis regarding this movie and its many different themes.

It also contains a collection of links of other movie critics and private individuals—who may be casual movie goers—who were deeply affected in a very fundamental way by the movie.

    As you know, any type of website that links to other websites has a lot of risk. But this is a risk that I’m willing to take because I feel that it’s a big disservice to you if I don’t provide you links to a third-party source that also offers solid value regarding our common point of interest.

    The risk is pretty straight forward as it refers to websites that occasionally appears and disappears. For example, this website is a product of my enthusiasm with this movie. So, I bought a domain name, I installed word press and put together all my notes then transcribed them and edited them for your consumption. In other words, you are consuming content from a website that was driven by passion.

    There are so many other websites out there that were created for the same reason. However, the reality is, passion only lasts for so long. What happens then? From the start, you probably would not even think twice about the hosting fees to keep your website up since it’s necessary to keep your project. But once the passion has evaporated and these bills start to stink, you start asking yourself—What am I doing? Is this really a good use of my scarce resources?

    Sooner or later, when you make the calculations, your cost-benefit analysis would show that your project is losing out and the costs takes more than whatever kind of benefit you get. The big challenge here is the fact that for the most part, the benefits that you get are purely symbolic. It involves how you feel, how inspired you are, and your level of motivation. It’s difficult to put a dollar sign on those elements because there are many other items to keep in mind. All of these has to be approached in context.

    It’s no surprise that a lot of people simply give up because their passion-driven project somehow, someway, doesn’t live up to their expectations. That’s why some of the links can lead to dead sites.

    This is where you come in. If you notice a missing link, or an error from a specific page, fill out the form below and get a hold of us. You can bet that we’ll fix the problem soon enough since I don’t want my site to include too many dead links. Please understand that dead links do occur because websites come and go all the time, but we will put our best effort to make sure that everything works like it should.