This website is not an official studio-released and created platform for the promotion of the movie “Me and You and Everyone We Know”.

Instead, this website is a work of passion and love patched together over several years as I was profoundly impacted by the truths that it has regarding the human condition.

It’s very easy to live life in a very compartmentalized way and to think that you are really just a collection of roles.

When you are interacting at work, you are playing a certain role, you are the employee, you are the boss, you are the trainee, you are the second in command. Whatever the case may be, it’s too easy to let the title define you.

Most people are clueless and the moment they are given a title, their world changes.

It’s because they see their world is divided into the things that they can and cannot do and of what they can or cannot be.

I wish I could tell you that there’s some sort of dividing line that people can see from a mile away but it actually kind of comes upon you like some sort of bad flu. Though I wish I could tell you that this only applies to work.

Unfortunately, applies as well to relationships. When you interact with your parents you play the role of a son or a daughter. When with your own kids, you play the role of a parent. While interacting with an EX, you are playing the role of a divorcee. Do you understand these patterns and how these different roles flow into your perception of the world and your identity?

These truths were brought to me by this movie. Because it is one of those amazing cinemas that is actually far richer and deeper than it lets on. When you watch this movie, it’s very easy to consume it or approach it from the level of a typical romantic comedy.

You may take a fairly superficial view of this movie because it can operate at that level, however, if you look at what’s going on in your life—and some truths that you may have encountered over the years—you will easily see the deeper truths there.

It is quite rich while at the same time seemingly compact and all too forgettable. This is why I’ve put up this website to truly dissect and analyze this amazing cinematic gem.

Seeing inspiration and illumination—of certain issues you may be trying to run away from—is easy. And it’s not a surprise that a lot of people who watched this several times—once they finally get it—end up crying. It’s a realization the truth that came crushing down to them.

Think of it like dislodging a piece of peanut butter that’s stuck to the roof of your mouth. At first, you put all these efforts until you reach a point where you just give up and continue to go about your day, and while you’re talking to your friend, all of a sudden, that peanut butter sinks in and you had a taste of it.

This may be a pleasant or unpleasant experience, nevertheless, it’s going to enter your consciousness and it has to be dealt with. That’s the kind of reaction that I got from this movie because though it’s easy to blow it off as a yet another superficial piece of cinematic art, its story actually resonates with the human condition at so many different levels.