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This is a website dedicated to everything awesome about the 2005 Sundance award winner “Me and You and Everyone We Know”.

This is a website dedicated to everything awesome about the 2005 Sundance award winner “Me and You and Everyone We Know”. This movie is so important to me personally that I have gotten out of my way to put up a personal homage webpage.

Last time I checked, people don’t normally put up websites when they get inspired. A movie may put a smile on your face or get you enthusiastic all throughout the day, but it’s unlikely that you will rush home and put up a website. Something special should resonate from that particular media item for you to take that kind of action. This is definitely what happened to me with “Me and You and Everyone We Know”.

Maybe I was at a special stage in my life? Maybe I was just being very sensitive at that time? Maybe, the people around me where going through something that made me see the whole world in a brand new light? Whatever it was, there was something going on that made my experience of this 2005 movie completely different from my previous cinematic experiences.

This movie is pretty much existential, because it’s not just a question of connecting with someone on an intimate level, or of two people being on the same page. It’s clear that there are no shortages of movies involving soulmates who utters the quote “You complete me!” from a movie. How predictable! How cliché!

What really resonated with me in the movie “Me and You and Everyone We Know” is the fact that life is not perfect—and it’s perfectly okay to just be yourself. I know that sounds pretty basic but the problem is, we allow ourselves to become slaves to our ideals to such an extent that we start questioning common sense.

We start looking at it as something that seems too easy and obvious. And that we tend to look for the twist, the complication, and for the wrinkle that will, somehow, unravel and unite everything. In other words, we’re chasing ghosts!

As a Matter of Fact

When you watch the movie “Me and You and Everyone We Know” you’ll realize that to some extent, we let these ghost hunting—either for the perfect or the imperfect—poison our relationships.

This movie resonated with me on many different levels because it’s not just a question of two people who are very loving and honest, but somehow operates at a distinct level of distress or disconnect. It goes beyond that!

It speaks to the reality that people let their fantasies get the better of them, or lets it distort or warp their perception of reality. It could potentially have a tremendous effect on not only their immediate relationship, but also the space around them. You might create a culture, a setting, or a context.

Most people are clueless to this, they think that deals primarily with what you eat, wear, the language you speak or how you act. Nevertheless, it also has a lot to do with your emotions, with how you picture yourself in the world, and what your ultimate purpose in life is. You have to understand that this really goes back to a shared sense of reality.

This is why America is so dynamic, because it sources people from all over the world. These people from diverse ethnic backgrounds working together, creates a reality field that is collaborative in nature. This reality field permeates everything that they do.

Think of it as if you were invited to a party and there’s this big pot of boiling water in the middle of the room and everybody is expected to drop a few ingredients in it. And once everyone has contributed, they can altogether start enjoying the soup. That’s how culture works.

This movie really blew my mind because it was able to communicate the central truth in a very weird way. It kind of hit me out of the field. I’m not going to drop it here—because I don’t what to be a spoiler—but when you watch this movie, you will understand.

Some of you may get it immediately or you might have to jog through the movie a couple of times but somehow you will understand it. And certainly, it will put a smile on your face!

Most of this has a lot to with the fact that all of us have the ability to manipulate, influence, color, distract, warp or otherwise control our culture.

Though culture really is individual but what makes it tricky is when you put different individuals together, they create a different culture.

This has probably happened to you in high school. Remember when you are with one of your best friends, and you talk about certain things? But, once your other best friend enters the room and you guys start interacting with each other, the dynamic of the conversation changes.

It’s interesting, when another close friend of yours comes in, the dynamic changes even more. This is a fundamental truth—it doesn’t really matter where you come from, what you look like, your education background, and how much money you have in the bank.

This dynamic remains true as far as the human condition is concerned. And it’s one of those present truths that you learn through movies. It is, at the same time, enlightening and encouraging—which gives you hope.

Basically, this tells you that you just need to be true to yourself and you can make changes just by simply showing up and becoming part of the conversation. Isn’t that inspiring? Unfortunately, it’s very easy to believe that you really don’t matter. To feel powerless—believing that regardless how hard you try, how much time, effort, and energy you exert that it would not matter at the end of the day—is easy.

It’s as if you’re watching a movie with a pre-destined ending and there’s nothing you can do but to remain glued to a seat as the scene plays out in front of you. Well, this movie, “Me and you and everyone we know”, takes a completely different path. You can’t help but feel empowered after watching this amazing piece of cinema.

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